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HMS Travel is one of the few North Bay travel companies to have a dedicated group travel department. Group travel represents over 60% of our total business and we work with clients from all over the nation. Our success is due to an ability to meld significant purchasing power with a proven-expertise in travel design, marketing and operations, with a genuine commitment to client-collaboration.

I personally oversee our group travel department and I encourage you to contact me directly to discuss your needs and ideas.

Larry Martin

A well–planned group travel program, whether a meeting, sales incentive or a tour, is a constructed balance of learning and play. Like live theater, there are countless details, but only one chance for success. Insuring that success is the job of the HMS Travel Group.

HMS has had over 24 years experience in designing and producing successful group tours, corporate meetings and special events.

HMS offers a combination of service and knowledge of marketing, sales and travel. We have created hundreds of successful programs in locations as varied as Aspen, Tuscany and the Inside Passage of Alaska and we have worked with Fortune 1000 companies, universities, and museums and (because we are based in the Sonoma wine country) regularly with the “cream” of the American food and wine industry.

Please review an outline of the services we provide that make us different.

HMS brings a unique combination of value and service to every program.

Our resources and experience will save you time and insure your success. HMS has long term relationships with most top travel suppliers and can minimize your program “unknowns”. We represent our client and not the suppliers, so we provide you with extensive and impartial information. Our long term supplier relationships insure dependability, responsiveness and flexibility on your behalf.

Our marketing acumen will complement your efforts. As HMS has taken partner-positions with our clients, we have learned what-does and-does not work to create a successful campaign. Our strength lies in our ability to understand the travel industry and the concepts of marketing and motivation, and how to combine this into a creative and cost effective management campaign.

We have the purchasing power to keep your program within budget. As a company that annually purchases over 12 million dollars of hotel, bus and air space, HMS has negotiated rates that allow us to manage your program for not much more than if you did all the work yourself.

“One Call Does All” gives you centralized coordination. When that inevitable, critical change occurs in numbers or timing, a single call to us provides instant and professional coordination.

We are pro-active and will wade through countless decisions to analysis your program. It is our job to insure that your program meets its goals, runs efficiently and is produced at the best possible price.

We are flexible and can adjust our costs to suit your needs. HMS is able to produce a complete program or limit our involvement to a specific program component. Our ability to package and customize our services enables us to minimize your time commitment and cost.