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"The Golden Gate Bridge at Night"

The Golden Gate Bridge at night.


HMS’s tag line, “Call us, we’ve been there” is no idle boast for our travel management company. It is a business philosophy that has been the foundation of our success for over 25 years. We believe that providing added-value service and unique product knowledge is the only way to ensure our position as one of the North Bay’s top travel companies. Here is how we can save you money and time: Exclusive tools — as travel counselors, we have resources not available to you online. This allows us to consistently find better deals on cruises, vacations and airfare. Excellent pricing — we are a co-owner of the Signature Travel Network, an organization that purchases 3 billion dollars a year in travel. This gives us access to volume pricing and to many free, value-added elements. Long-term supplier relationships — not only can we negotiate better rates, but we will also act as your advocate should something go wrong. (Try getting this service from an online travel site). Expert and trusted recommendations — we visit the destinations that we sell and want you as a lifetime customer. We will give you impartial and professional advise on the value of the proposition, and what you should avoid and what you should not miss. Meet our staff here! Why take a chance with one of your most precious commodities — your vacation time?